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Patented technology to improve the efficiency of all HVAC equipment 

GREENFAN® specializes in products and services to deliver energy savings on all HVAC equipment. Efficiency improvements on all equipment including packaged and split systems with gas, heat pump, or hydronic heating. All products manufactured in the USA with 5 year warranty.

To ensure reliable energy savings all products and services are tested in AHRI certified laboratories. GREENFAN holds several patents on technologies designed to save cooling and heating energy. 

GREENFAN® has offices in California, Montana, and Nevada with USA manufacturing and worldwide distribution.




Offices in California, Montana, and Nevada. Global distribution.

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GreenFan® products and services

Greenfan®  EFC

Independent laboratory tests show GREENFAN® improves improves cooling efficiency by 7 to 31% and heating efficiency by 9 to 29% by recovering and delivering more energy from gas, electric, or hydronic heat exchangers that would otherwise be wasted. 

laboratory testing

GREENFAN® has extensive laboratory experience testing, designing, and improving products and programs to deliverer certified laboratory savings.

Efan®  commercial

Independent laboratory tests shows eFan® improves improves commercial rooftop cooling efficiency by  9 to 25% and heating efficiency by 11 to 27% by optimizing economizer performance and recovering and delivering more energy from gas, electric, or hydronic heat exchangers that would otherwise be wasted.   GREENFAN® also specializes in economizer repair for commercial HVAC systems.

product development

GREENFAN® is constantly designing, testing, and improving products to further expand energy savings for all clients.

Greenfan®  EFC+™

GREENFAN® EFC+™ is designed for new construction and improves cooling efficiency by 7 to 31%.   GreenFan® EFC+™  improves heating efficiency by 9 to 29% on all systems with EC Motors by forcing the EC Motor to a high speed during the heat cycle to extract additional heat energy and satisfy the thermostat more quickly.

energy saving program design and implementation

GREENFAN® has more than 30 years of experience designing, implementing, evaluating, and improving energy savings programs.


In reality, studies show that investments to spur renewable energy and boost energy efficiency generate far more jobs than oil and coal.
— Jeff Goodell



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