Saving Cooling and Heating Energy
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Efficient Fan Controller

Saving Residential and Multifamily Energy

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  • GreenFan® EFC® provides variable extended fan-off time delays to deliver more heating or cooling energy that would otherwise be wasted to improve thermal comfort, lengthen offcycle times, reduce operation, and prevent evaporator coil icing.
  • GreenFan® EFC® saves 15% on cooling and heating and EFC® workpaper documents 2.3 TRC.
  • GreenFan® provides a 5-year warranty and typically lasts for the life of the HVAC equipment.
  • GreenFan® EFC® is attached to low-voltage thermostat wires and does not connect to any high voltage wires.
  • GreenFan® EFC® installation takes 10 to 15 minutes and checks HVAC and thermostat operation.
  • GreenFan® EFC® can be installed for free with incentives from California Utility ratepayers.
  • GreenFan® EFC® provides high customer satisfaction for comfort and energy savings.