Saving Cooling and Heating Energy
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eFAN® and EFAN+™

Patented Commercial Economizer Retrofit Controllers and Services

Efficient Economizer Controller™ EEC™


  • GreenFan® eFAN® patented installation process seals the economizer perimeter, measures outdoor airflow and sets dampers to optimized position for energy efficient outdoor airflow.

  • Patented eFAN® Efficient Fan Controller® technology controls fan and damper position to improve thermal comfort, delivers more heating and cooling, and prevents evaporator coil icing.

  • eFAN® estimated energy savings are 11 to 27% for heating and 9 to 25% for cooling based on Intertek laboratory tests.

  • The eFAN® patented AFDD and correction of supply fan control can save even more energy.

  • GREENFAN® provides a 5-year warranty and eFAN® lasts for the life of the HVAC equipment.

  • Optional eFAN®+ patented economizer AFDD detects damper stuck open or closed, actuator faults, sensor faults, economizer faults, excess outdoor air faults per CA Title 24.

  • GREENFAN® also specializes in economizer repair for commercial HVAC systems.

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